Reinforced bullseyes provide increased tensile strength for carrying heavy loads. Many companies use thick film and have attempted to reinforce bullseyes by layering ink, which adds significantly to the material cost of the pack. Polypack's patent-pending Stronghold packs consist of shrink film that is folded over on the outside ends and wrapped around the products in an overwrap style machine. The end result is a double thickness of shrink film on the bullseyes, which strengthens the bullseyes for carrying the weight of the pack. This allows end users to downgauge the film thickness of the stock material while maintaining film thickness on the ends of the pack for handling. (US Patent Application No. 15450965)

For example, a 24-pack of bottled water is usually wrapped in a 2.5 Mil thickness film.

Comparison based on 5,000’ rolls at $1.40/lb. of film:

Stronghold™ 24-Pack film size = 26” Width X 38” Repeat
1.5 Mil film roll weight = 78 lbs.
Price per bundle = $.0692

Traditional 24-pack
film size = 22” Width X 38” Repeat
2.5 Mil film roll weight = 110 lbs.
Price per bundle = $.0976

Stronghold Pack Delivers Material Costs Savings of 29%

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  • Provides for a stronger bullseye for carrying purposes
  • Film around the bullseye is twice as thick, which increases strength and load capacity
  • No need for thick film or "double bump" ink in order to achieve a stronger bullseye
  • Run thinner gauge film than competing machines (down to 1 mil!)
  • Lower film cost per pack