Inside Polypack’s Green Company by Natalie Craig

Inside Polypack’s Green Company by Natalie Craig

Weathering uncertain times, the leaders of Polypack are handling growth and increased demand, while also keeping their eye on innovation and saving the environment through sustainable packaging, operations, and equipment.

Take a virtual video tour of Polypack, Inc. on OEM Magazine’s YouTube channel:

At the end of March, OEM Magazine sat down—via Skype—with Emmanuel Cerf, vice president of Polypack, a secondary packaging OEM focusing on shrink and corrugate bundling. By then, most major U.S. cities were already in lockdown as the novel coronavirus pandemic spread rapidly. Like many OEMs, Polypack was faced with balancing on-time production, supporting its customers who were experiencing increased demand, and keeping its employees safe and healthy.

“One third of my employees are working from home right now,” says Cerf, emphasizing the biggest focus isn’t keeping up with production, but protecting employee health. “Thankfully, we’re doing fine. We make a point to reiterate the social distancing guidelines and the rules that are easy to forget and hard to follow on a manufacturing floor, but it’s working.”

Classified as an essential business with many CPGs needing their product, Polypack follows all of the proper Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. And at the time of this interview, the measures seem to be working as zero employees had tested positive for the virus.

“Our customers will be okay, and we will be okay,” Cerf says. “We’re not worried about having to close our doors, it’s more about the people aspect and the employees themselves that we have to make sure we can protect as much as we can.”

Even as Polypack navigates the effects of COVID-19, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability—a pledge it made several decades ago that still guides every aspect of the organization. Its mission to be a responsible corporate citizen follows it around the world as, through the years, the company has made some bold moves toward global growth.

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Employee Highlight: Patrick Gaudin

Employee Highlight: Patrick Gaudin

Patrick Gaudin is the storekeeper and technician at Polypack Europe, located in Montval Sur Loir, France. Gaudin ensures packages are received accurately, prepares shipments after sales orders are placed, and ensures packages are delivered on time. He loves the atmosphere at Polypack and employee engagement most. His favorite project has been working on the relocation of spaces and being able to reorganize the shop, so it can run more efficiently.

Over the last 7 months Patrick has been focused on the relocation of the reception area from the workshop side to the new layout on the shop side so the office operated more efficiently. Patrick monitored the construction of the office space in the shop and the break room. As the team has grown in France, small side projects have been necessary, allowing an increased work space to accommodate their larger staff. Patrick also has helped to make sure that engineers have better access to the tools they need by organizing large stock of technical parts to increase functionality. Gaudin says although his role can be challenging, the constant rethinking of machine designs to help meet customer needs, keeps his job interesting.


2020 Virtual Show Kick-off!

2020 Virtual Show Kick-off!

Each year Polypack attends Expo Pack Mexico, in the summer, to meet with customers and discuss our new end-of-line packaging machines. Unfortunately, this year, due to COVID-19 the show was cancelled. Polypack relies on these type of gatherings to communicate with new and potential customers in the field. 

“Expo Pack Mexico is always a great gathering, we love to really wow our customers by bringing a unique machine. Our engineering team will fabricate a machine months in advance that anticipates market trends and generally streamlines processes. Our designers really look forward to the challenge. It allows them to think outside the box,” explains Vice President Sales and Marketing at Polypack. 

This year, Polypack planned on bringing 2 machines total focused on the aseptic industry with integrated carry handles.  Customers that are looking for a more economical way to provide a handle to end customers while maintaining the structural integrity of the bundle. With the machines built and running, the Polypack Sales team had to find another way to demo the new concepts to their audience. Luckily, Brian McCann, an over 20 year Polypack veteran was able to devise a unique solution, the first ever Polypack Live Virtual Show.

Not only would the team highlight the new concept machine, but they would also be able to demo other machines that were being fabricated in the shop.

“It isn’t uncommon for us to send and share videos with customers. Most of our client base is remote. Video ‘trial runs’ help customers envision what the end result will actually look like. The challenge for us was allowing our customers  to be able to interact with us during our demo,” says McCann, “With a couple practice runs and some new equipment, we were able to get the ball rolling.”

The Virtual Show was very well-received by our attendees and will be a tool that all of our sales team members will use moving forward. Our US and France locations are constantly creating machines for our customers, the Virtual Show, now named “Access” can give clients a window into the variety of the machines Polypack offers. 

Of course, Polypack will continue to attend trade shows in 2020 that are not affected by COVID-19, but it is important for us to make sure that we are keeping all parties involved protected while we adjust to  the new normal. 

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Tampa Bay Packaging Open House

Tampa Bay Packaging Open House

FEBRUARY 24TH – 28TH, 2020

Your chance to see equipment, examine construction methods, meet with manufacturing personnel and discuss projects or potential projects with some of the world’s foremost packaging equipment manufacturers.

Social Reception: February 26 – 5pm – 7pm


3301 Gateway Centre Blvd.

Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Tel: (727) 578-5000


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