Beverage containers have undergone many changes over the years. As companies seek to lower their packaging costs and still deliver an eye catching end product, the importance on effective secondary packaging has garnered more attention. The competition among brands continues as manufacturers design packaging in various sizes, use uniquely shaped bottles, easier to handle packaging and vivid graphics to gain consumer attention.

POLYPACK offers shrink equipment solutions for all types of beverage containers, Aluminum Cans, Composite Cans, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Aseptic Cartons, Bricks, Prisms Beer, Wine and Spirit Bottles, Plastic Jugs, Trayed Beverages, Pad Supported Products…and MORE!

Packaging Solutions for:

Glass and Plastic Bottles

Aluminum & Composite Cans

Aseptic Cartons

Gable Top Cartons

Packaging Options:

Print Registered Film

Print registration allows for exact placement of graphics on a shrink wrapped pack. Photo eyes detect the presence of an “I-Spot” and initiate the separation of film so that each piece of film is applied to the products at the same location every time. Printed shrink wrap film continues to make headway into all industries, especially where retail point-of-sale is concerned. Polypack offers equipment that can run print-registered, random printed, and clear film all on the same machine.

Nested Pack®

Polypack has a patented system to intentionally nest round products into a predetermined geometric shapes. Since the products are pre-nested in the shrink wrap process, there is no room for the products to shift during handling. The resulting Nested Pack® is an extremely strong, super dense pack that completely eliminates the need for trays or pads. This amounts to HUGE Savings in material costs and also offers unique package shapes with endless marketing possibilities.

Pad Supported

Pads are typically used in order to prevent products from chiming or cutting through the shrink film during stacking and palletizing. Polypack offers pad feeding modules on several different machine types. We can also provide pad-support combined with printed film to create a retail ready pack that can easily stand up to the rigors of the distribution channel.

Tray Supported

Trays offer pack support and help keep the rows of product properly aligned. Tray and shrink packs represent up to 50% in cost savings when compared to traditional RSC’s. Polypack offers tray loader former machines, as well as tray wrapping equipment. Our tray loader formers and shrink wrappers can be combined to create packs that are both distribution and retail-ready.

Label Orientation

Label Orientation is popular in clear film multipack applications, particularly in Club Store retail packs. It allows the branding of each individual product to engage the customer head on. Label Orientation is also beneficial when products must have printed expiration dates or codes added to pre-existing graphics. Polypack offers stand-alone label orientation systems, or we can integrate a label orientation module into a shrink wrap system for a complete solution.

Carry Handles

Polypack, Inc. offers patented systems for automatically applying tape carry handles to your shrink multipacks or singular products. These carry handles offer an important, functional consumer convenience feature that also helps to enhance shelf appeal. The carry handle bears the full load of the product, without using any corrugated material. These carry handles can be printed to enhance branding or offer special marketing/promotional opportunities.



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