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Forming, Loading & Closing Cardboard Packaging.

Polypack designs and builds end-of-line packaging machines including a wide range dedicated to cardboard packaging.

These solutions are intended to isolate and protect your products, as well as provide strengthened palletization and increased shelf-appeal. Furthermore, for the last 60 years, Polypack has lead the way in waste reduction and eco-friendly design.

These cardboard solutions use fewer materials and produce less waste than RSC packaging, which is both a bonus for the environment and your budget.



Cardboard Solutions For End-Of-Line Packaging 

Trays | Bins | American Style Case | Riders | Lids | Caps | Wraparound | Jacketpack™

#1 Cardboard Forming Solutions

Our machines form the cardboard packaging automatically from a die-cut sheet. They produce various packaging styles like sidewalks, lids or classic trays, American style cases, or bins.

There are many options available to fit your needs, such as the possibility to feed the bin trainers directly and automatically from the pallet for more ergonomics.

Our corrugate forming machines allow volume setting for different types of trays. Easily integrated with our shrink wrapping machines to provide extra product support in palatizing and a turnkey solution for distribution-ready packaging.

#2 Cardboard Filling & Loading Solutions

Once your cardboard packaging container is formed, you can manually load it or automatically use one of our machines.

Polypack machines can handle different kinds of bundles or products. We offer loading by pendulum movement gripped by the vacuum (electric pump, internal circuit, or Venturi), gripping by pliers.

Of course, multi-layer staking is possible or by push bar.

#3 Cardboard Closure Solutions

Now it is loaded, we can close the cases and trays of the cardboard packaging: folding down a lid, sidewalks or placing a lid, cap or rider:

• Fold the tabs, and then the lids attached to the inside by clicking or outside by gluing
• Simple pose, or pose and then glue a preformed lid.
• Formation and collage, on the lot or the tray, of a headdress from a flat cutout (2 or 4 flaps).
• U-shaped rider glued to the tray, or tray stuck on the rider.
• Closing sidewalks after filling.
• Closure of U.S. crates.

These solutions can be supplemented or replaced by shrink film packaging.

These solutions can be complemented by clear or printed shrink packaging


At Film Source International, we offer a full range of flexible packaging solutions to serve diverse shrink and stretch wrapping applications, including clear and printed films and sustainable options.

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