Polypack specializes in designing and building packaging equipment that is tailored to the needs of your application. Polypack offers a wide array of product collation modules designed to meet the packaging requirements of all industries. All Polypack end-of-line packaging machines are built with the best materials and components available including stainless steel to offer a long life span, superior performance, durability and reliability.


When we earn your business, our promise is to keep it. Polypack’s “can do” attitude has guided our team of engineers through the most challenging of situations. This positive philosophy has resulted in a large percentage of repeat business. Time and time again, customers call to discuss the latest changes in their packaging needs.


In today’s world, it is of utmost importance that we carefully manage our natural resources. We start from above. Polypack machines are built using solar power via a 1,629 panel integrated rooftop system. One of the most important green aspects of Polypack shrink wrap equipment is source reduction. Polypack’s shrink packaging solutions are designed to drastically reduce or completely eliminate corrugate consumption, which has a huge impact on the amount of packaging mass entering our landfills.

Doing our part

Polypack machines use recyclable consumable materials, are known for their highly efficient shrink tunnels, and are manufactured using eco-friendly methods and materials.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Polypack’s currently manufactures all of its end-of-line packaging equipment with energy harnessed from the sun. In 2013, Polypack completed its installation of an integrated solar rooftop featuring 1,000 panels for a combined output of 270 Killowatts. The power generated by this system is enough to provide enough power to operate the manufacturing facility, office space and attached automobile museum, and uses a unique mounting system capable of withstanding a Category 5 Hurricane.

In late 2018, Polypack installed an additional 629 solar panel on top of its new production facility.  This brought the total number of solar panels up to 1,629 and the maximum solar array output to 420 Kilowatts.

Sustainable Packaging through Source Reduction

Corrugate is not only expensive, it also adds bulk and weight, which increases fuel consumption for freight and requires more storage space than rolls of shrink film. The extra mass from corrugated packaging increases the amount of material that enters into our landfills each and every day. Polypack’s shrink wrap packaging solutions can reduce, or even completely eliminate your corrugate consumption. The end result is that your product produces less waste throughout the distribution chain


Our research and development team continues to look for new solutions for biodegradable, recycled, and renewably-based resins. We look for materials that are biodegradable in soil, marine, and home composting environments. A closed loop recycling stream is an ideal solution, which is why we are testing post-industrial and post-consumer resin and repurposing them back into shrink films.

High Efficiency Shrink Tunnels

Polypack shrink tunnels are among the most energy efficient tunnels in the entire shrink wrap industry. One of the energy saving features found on some of our tunnels is the ability to automatically adjust the speeds of the fans. They run at a slower speed when the tunnel is heating and reverse also to a slower speed if production is interrupted. All Polypack shrink tunnels feature double insulation and the heater banks are always located in the center of the tunnel to avoid energy loss.

Stainless Steel Construction

All Polypack shrink wrap machines utilize stainless steel construction. Aside from the obvious benefits of sanitation and longevity, it is important to note that there are no harsh chemicals, solvents, primers, or paints associated with the manufacture and upkeep of Polypack machines. Such materials usually contain harmful vapors, and must be carefully applied and disposed of in order to avoid introducing contaminants into the environment.



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