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Patrick Gaudin is the storekeeper and technician at Polypack Europe, located in Montval Sur Loir, France. Gaudin ensures packages are received accurately, prepares shipments after sales orders are placed, and ensures packages are delivered on time. He loves the atmosphere at Polypack and employee engagement most. His favorite project has been working on the relocation of spaces and being able to reorganize the shop, so it can run more efficiently.

Over the last 7 months Patrick has been focused on the relocation of the reception area from the workshop side to the new layout on the shop side so the office operated more efficiently. Patrick monitored the construction of the office space in the shop and the break room. As the team has grown in France, small side projects have been necessary, allowing an increased work space to accommodate their larger staff. Patrick also has helped to make sure that engineers have better access to the tools they need by organizing large stock of technical parts to increase functionality. Gaudin says although his role can be challenging, the constant rethinking of machine designs to help meet customer needs, keeps his job interesting.