Carton, Bottled, Canned, and Bagged Food Shrink Wrapper Packaging Solutions

Food shrink wrappers and cardboard case packing.

Food products are one of Polypack’s largest markets. Shrink packaging offers protection against dust, dirt and humidity and offers the potential for club store packs and eye-catching printed film packaging. Case and tray supported bundles are also a great way to increase palletization strength and ease the effort of distribution. Secondary Packaging presents a commercially viable promotional and merchandising canvas, having a direct impact on sales.  Food producers are looking to cut their packaging costs, while placing more emphasis on creating an aesthetically pleasing package.

Polypack offers food shrink wrappers to package all types of food products, including:
Glass & Plastic Jars, Glass & Plastic Bottles, Metal & Composite Cans, Bags, Cartons, Tapered Cups, Tubs, Fruits, Baked Goods.

Food Shrink Wrapper Packaging Solutions for:



Bottles & Jars


Food Shrink Wrapper Packaging Options:

the economical Jacketpack packaging with a cardboard belt and shrink filmJacketPack™

The JacketPack™ is an ideal alternative to RSC packaging. The JacketPack™ consists of a band of corrugate that is formed around the products and glued on a single flap. The jacketed products are then shrink wrapped to create a completely enclosed pack. The JacketPack™ provides stacking strength and corner protection to a wide range of products, and food shrink wrappers save up to 50% on material costs when compared to traditional RSCs.

food products wrapped on tray with shrink filmTray & Shrink Overwrap

Trays offer pack support and help keep the rows of product properly aligned. Tray and shrink packs represent up to 50% in cost savings when compared to traditional RSCs. Polypack offers tray loader former machines, as well as tray wrapping equipment. Our tray loader formers and shrink wrappers can be combined to create packs that are both distribution and retail ready.

bags stacked and wrapped under shrink filmBags

Bagged products are typically shrink wrapped either in bullseye (sleeve) wrap or in total closure wrap, unsupported. Because of the flexible nature of bagged products, the use of pads, trays and other supported packaging methods prevent stable palletizing, so they are not typically used. Plastic bags can be wrapped using coextruded shrink film to prevent the bags from bonding to the film during the shrink process.

food cans wrapped under printed film for more shelf appealPrinted Film

Printed film is the perfect solution for retail packaging. It offers a large, continuous surface on which to place product imagery and branding. This eliminates the concern about the orientation of the individual products. High quality printed shrink film also offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional packaging such as RSCs. Printed film retail packs offer increased shelf appeal when compared to products that are wrapped in clear film. We offer printed film wrappers for both total closure and bullseye wraps.

food cans on cardboard pad support with shrink filmPad Supported

Pads are typically used in order to prevent products from chiming or cutting through the shrink film during stacking and palletizing. Polypack offers food shrink wrappers with pad feeding modules on several different machine types. We can also provide pad-support combined with printed film to create a retail ready pack that can easily stand up to the rigors of the distribution channel.


At Film Source International, we offer a full range of flexible packaging solutions to serve diverse shrink and stretch wrapping applications, including clear and printed films and sustainable options.

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