Personal care and cosmetic products range from tiny vials to larger containers. Polypack manufactures shrink wrap equipment for make-up boxes, small bottles, tubes, small cosmetics jars, oval shampoo bottles, oral care products, nail care products, perfume/fragrance bottles and cartons. Whether it’s wrapping an unsupported multipack, wrapping with a pad, or with a tray, Polypack can provide the best packaging solution to meet all of your distribution and retail packaging needs.
Polypack provides shrink wrap systems for all types of Personal Care & Cosmetics products.
Oval Bottles, Tubes, Pump Top Bottles, Aerosols, Deodorant Sticks, Glass and Plastic Jars, Odd Shaped Jars, and Bottles Tray Supported Products, Pad Supported Products…and MORE!

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Packaging Options:

Case Packing

Polypack offers integrated case packers to create a complete distribution ready packaging system. A discharge gantry picks up the products from the conveyor and loads them into pre-erected RSCs. Our case packers are capable of handling multi-layer case packing operations as well as single-layer applications.

High Count Brick Packs

High count brick packs offer a rigid and stable solution for small round products such as bottles and vials. These packs are created by nesting the products into offset rows. Once collated, the brick pack is then shrink wrapped in total closure to create a dense, solid pack that is ready for distribution. We also offer an optional integrated case packer that can load the shrink wrapped brick packs into a pre-erected RSC.

Pick & Place

Polypack holds a patent on picking up products and placing them directly onto the shrink film for wrapping, where it remains for the entire shrink wrap process. This system is a one time transfer solution, which makes it ideal for odd-shaped or unstable containers such as oval bottles and tubes.This patented Pick & Place system is called the ROKH® and our expertise in this area can be found in the TUBE series shrink wrappers, in our integrated case packers, and even in our wraparound system.



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