ILB and CMB Series

This series of custom shrink bundlers are intermittent or continuous motion shrink bundlers. They utilize a bucket conveyor to wrap a wide range of products. They are available in a hand-loaded model or with a fully automatic product collation module. Both styles are designed specifically for your application. Any product that fits onto the bucket can be shrink bundled.

For unstable products such as ovals and tubes, Polypack offers a patented Robotic ROKH® pick & place shrink bundlers gantry. This option automatically picks up the product and places it onto the bucket conveyor for wrapping. Combined with servo-driven technology, the ROKH® pick & place system loads products quickly and accurately, and be combined with an integrated case loader.

Inline Bucket Conveyor Series

Polypack’s patented ROKH® pick & place gantry automatically picks up and places the product with precision. For unstable products such as ovals and tubes, the system easily picks and places them onto the bucket conveyor for wrapping. Combined with servo-driven technology, the ROKH® pick, and place system can load products quickly and accurately. The system can be fine-tuned to transfer products with unprecedented precision.

  • Intermittent motion (ILB) and continuous motion (CMB) models available
  • Bucket conveyor allows shrinking wrapping of a wide range of products and sizes
  • The product remains on the bucket conveyor for the duration of the wrapping process
  • Intermittent motion wrapping at speeds of 25/minute in a single lane and 50/minute in dual lane (hand-loaded ILB)
  • ROKH® continuous motion wrapping at speeds up to 120 bundles/minute
  • Optional ROKH® Pick & Place gantry automatically loads unstable products onto the bucket conveyor for high-speed applications providing an automatic loading


The ROKH® pick & place custom shrink bundling system is designed to collate and load products directly from a conveyor onto the film of the shrink wrapper. This unique shrink wrapping system assures perfect product transfers and allows for quick and easy changeovers. When utilized, the ROKH® is placed on the side of a current line or integrated inline.

  • Intermittent or continuous motion pick & place loader first picks up the product from an in-feed conveyor, then places the product directly onto the shrink film
  • Products can be stacked, split, rotated, or collated into any desired configuration
  • Adjustable grippers accommodate different shapes and dimension products
  • Speeds up to 120 bundles per minute
  • This feature can be integrated inline or into the side of a current line


At Film Source International, we offer a full range of flexible packaging solutions to serve diverse shrink and stretch wrapping applications, including clear and printed films and sustainable options.

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