Budget Shrink Film Bundlers

Film Bundlers for Printed or Clear Film

Polypack’s TANGO series shrink wrap machines produce bulls-eye wraps using either clear or printed shrink film. These distribution and retail shrink bundling machines operate at speeds up to 20 wraps per minute single lane and up to 40 per minute in dual lane. The TANGO can be manufactured to run unsupported, pad-supported or tray-supported products. Polypack’s TANGO printed film shrink wrappers index product into an overhead flight bar assembly. The flight bars advance collated product in time with our patented film delivery system.

Tango Series

Polypack’s TANGO series shrink wrap packaging machines

Considered the most affordable and most cost-effective automatic printed film shrink wrappers ever produced. This machine is offered with various infeed options like Inline, Inline Flood, & Side Infeed to best suit your packaging needs. Whether its packaging your products with for distribution, or preparing a beautiful, eye-catching printed film package for retail sale, the TANGO machine delivers top quality shrink packaging using a single roll of film. Furthermore, it’s High Efficiency Smart Tunnel Technology conserves and regulates the energy used in shrink bundling.

  • Cost effective print registration shrink bundler
  • Multiple infeed options available (Inline, Inline Flood, & Side Infeed)
  • Multiple infeed options with pre-programmed control panel
  • Runs clear & printed film down to 1 mil thickness
  • Uses a single roll of film to shrink wrap products with a lap seal (NO SEAL BAR)
  • High efficiency shrink tunnel conserves heat and reduces energy consumption
  • Stainless steel mesh conveyor cools naturally and effectively with no sticking



At Film Source International, we offer a full range of flexible packaging solutions to serve diverse shrink and stretch wrapping applications, including clear and printed films and sustainable options.

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